How much does it cost?
Each course is different. Please go to the dropdown menu and select the option you are interested in signing up for.
What will students get?
The students will have unlimited access to the online videos and the print materials that follow along with the videos. The print materials are in a PDF format and can be downloaded for your personal use only. The online videos are NOT supposed to be downloaded. We appreciate your respect for our hard work and our copyright of the materials.
Can I join now?
Yes, you can join at any time and watch the videos that are posted on the website and download the PDF files.
How do I contact you?
You may email your questions regarding this course to paiboonpublishing@gmail.com. We should be able to respond to your email within 48 hours.
How long do I need to study?
How long you should study is a question only you can answer. Learning is a lifelong commitment. We will continue to produce and post new material and improve the content of the course. Therefore, you will be able to continue to learn new items and always reinforce what you have learned by reviewing the existing materials. If you study on a regular basis of at least a few hours each week, in one year’s time, you should be able to complete the course.
Are the video lessons live?
No, they are not. They are all pre-recorded so you can log onto the portal and study at any time at your own pace.
How long is the lifetime membership?
The lifetime membership is valid as long as the online course continues to operate. However, if there is an extraordinary event or circumstance beyond our control that has to force us to shut down the website or the business, the lifetime membership will terminate at that time.
Will I get a refund if I don’t like the course?
No, we do not give refunds. However, you can cancel your order within 24 hours and will receive your money back, which may take up to three business days.
When do I renew my membership?
You will get an email notification around the time of the expiration date of your one-year membership. You may choose to renew your membership at that time. You have a one-month grace period. If you want to renew within 30 days after the expiration date, you only need to pay the renewal fee. If you decide to renew after the 30-day grace period, you will have to pay the full one-year membership price again.
Can I upgrade my membership later?
Yes, you can upgrade your membership to lifetime after paying for a one-year membership and you only need to pay the difference. You will see this option after logging into the portal.
When does my membership start?
It starts on the day you sign up and complete the payment.
When can I sign up?
You can sign up at any time. You can view all the lessons with unlimited access during your membership period.
Can I pay using bank transfer?
Yes, please contact us at paiboonpublishing@gmail.com. We will give you the payment information. You will be granted access after you have completed the payment process.
What other methods of payment will you accept?
We accept payment via bank transfer to our bank account in the U.S. or Thailand. We also accept payments via PayPal and Zelle. For instructions on how to make payment via bank transfer, please email your question to paiboonpublishing@gmail.com.
How do I study?
This is an online course. You study by yourself at your own pace. You can study with your friends or a private teacher or in a classroom setting.
What should I do if I have a question regarding the lesson?
You can email your question to paiboonpublishing@gmail.com. We usually answer within 48 hours.
Can I use the material to share with other people?
No. The material is copyrighted by Paiboon Language Academy and Paiboon Publishing and is intended for only those who pay for a membership (and their family members). Sharing our materials with others is a violation of our copyright.
How can I send proof of payment?

You can email a scanned copy or a digital photo of your payment slip to paiboonpublishing@gmail.com.

Can I pay for someone else?
Yes, you can sign up on behalf of someone else and pay for them. When you sign up, you need to fill in the student’s name, Facebook name and email address, but you should pay with your credit card or other method of payment.
Do you have other courses for Thai people to learn English?

Yes, we have two courses for Thai people to learn English. One is called General English and the other is Interpreters Course. Please check out details at PaiboonLanguageAcademy.com.

At what age can a child start learning?
Learners of all ages can benefit from our courses. For little kids who cannot read yet, you can just play the videos for them to listen to. They will subconsciously absorb the information. Once they can read, they will benefit from the materials on their own.