Memory Skills for Professional Success


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  • 4 sections, core lessons & exercises
  • Clear, easy, step-by-step instructions
  • Interactive and fun + bonus lessons
  • Memory program that really works!
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About the Instructor

Benjawan Poomsan is a professional writer, translator and interpreter. She is internationally known for her high-quality language learning materials that teaches English speakers to learn Thai. She also teaches people worldwide to become professional interpreters. Benjawan has an exceptional memory which she uses in her career in the U.S. as an interpreter. She will share her knowledge with you and guide you step-by-step to develop a great memory and become successful in your career or your school study using the various techniques and exercises in this program.

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Fees and Certificate

The course fee is $99 for one account. It’s a lifetime membership which means you can access the lessons online anytime. If you want to receive a certificate of completion, you have to submit the answer sheet to the instructor. The fee for the course and certificate is $150.

If you want to just sign up without the certificate, it’s $99. However, later if you decide that you want to receive the certificate, you can just pay for the upgrade to receive the certificate which is $70. (One certificate per account.)

Section 1 - Core Lessons & Exercises

    1. Course introduction
    2. Copyright and Credit Statements
    3. Leading You to Professional Success
    4. Memory Demonstrations
    5. Getting Ready
    6. A Short History
    7. Memory Is Knowledge, Knowledge Is Power
    8. Trained and Untrained Memory
    9. How the Brain Works
    10. Short and Long-Term Memory Effects
    11. It's Okay to Forget
    12. Our Lifestyle Affects Our Memory
    13. Memory Tips
    14. Various Mnemonic Devices & Samples
    15. Memory Techniques or Systems
    16. Seven Techniques and Exercises
    17. Conclusion & Submitting the Answer Sheet

Section 2 - Tidbits on Memory (Bonus)

This is the really fun part of the program. These are videos on a wide variety of subjects pertaining to memory skill development.

Section 3 - Live Lessons (Bonus)

In this section you have access to pre-recorded live sessions of the instructor teaching private classes and interpreter training classes. You can view the pre-recorded live lessons in this section.

Section 4 - From the Students (Bonus)

This section includes videos that have been submitted by students to show how they have studied, their progress on memory retention, or their creativity in applying the course techniques. Also included in this section are student testimonials. You are encouraged to submit your videos to share with your fellow students. Please use Dropbox to share your videos at

For Money Orders (Thai Baht)

$70 = 2,170 baht
$99.99 = 3,100 baht
$150 = 4,650 baht