Benjawan Poomsan

Director / Instructor

The course is directed by Benjawan Poomsan who is the author of the original book Thai for Beginners and creator of numerous Thai language learning books, dictionaries and apps for English speakers to learn Thai that are published by Paiboon Publishing. She is regarded as the Thai language guru. She also offers an online course that teaches Thai speakers to become professional interpreters.

Pim Lorenzetti

Thai Interpreter

Pim Lorenzetti is a professional Thai interpreter based in the state of California. She has successfully taught her young daughter, who has never lived in Thailand, to speak excellent Thai. With her consistent effort and patience, Pim has taught her daughter to understand and embrace the Thai culture and Thai values. Her daughter is also able to read and write Thai.

Sarah Lee

Thai Instructor

Sarah Lee is a very experienced online Thai language teacher who has taught Thai language learners worldwide to speak Thai through her YouTube channel, Facebook page, and educational website named Thai With Sarah. She is a video creator, voice talent, professional singer and a bilingual master of ceremonies.

Private Instructors

Contact Us for Details

If students want to take private lessons, at an additional cost, they can choose an instructor from the list here. The private lessons will be conducted online via Zoom. The instructors will use the materials from this course but may supplement their lessons with additional materials. You will need to contact the instructor of your choice directly to discuss fees and other details.